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SA-Dextramer, customized multimerization molecule
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SA(Streptavidin)-Dextramer, customized multimerization molecule

The SA-Dextramer combine the powerful Dextramer technology with a biotin-mediated click-on functionality.



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SA-Dextramer is a research tool. The SA-Dextramer serves as a scaffold for attachment of any biotinylated

molecule. Resulting in a multimer which display a number of the biotinylated molecule, with(FITC, PE or

APC) or without a fluorescent marker.



Design a molecular vaccine, Drug, or Detection molecule

You simply add your biotinylated molecules e.g.

• Drugs

• Toxins

• Peptides/proteins

• Adjuvant molecules

• Antibodies

• Nucleic acids (e.g. DNA/RNA/LNA/PNA)

• Macromolecules

• Flourochromes

• Lanthanide chelates, etc.



A large number of drugs, toxins, peptides and proteins have been published to be biologically functional with

a biotin moiety and many of these molecules are now commercially available. Most peptide and nucleic acid

suppliers offer biotin modified products. Biotin-labeled antibodies and other molecules are also commercially

available from many commercial suppliers. For molecules where a biotinylated version is not available

biotinylation reagents may be used, thus enabling biotinylation of almost any type of molecule or surface.




• Molecular vaccines

• Artificial antigen presentation

• Drug-targeting of autoreactive T cells

• Gene silencing of single T cells

• Delivery of macro molecules to T cells

• Lanthanide chelate labeling of T cells

• Detection of low affinity targets/receptors or cells



The SA-Dextramer is supplied at a concentration of 160 nM, with respect to SA-Dextramer. 2 µl of SA-

Dextramer corresponds to one test optimized for flow cytometry, when used to stain up to 106 HPBMC for

antigen specific T cells, in a sample volume of 50-100µl.


Four SA-Dextramer reagents are provided as unlabeled DX01-none, DX01-FITC, DX01-PE or DX01-APC

labeled Dextramer, each having a different valency for biotin-binding. Please refer in below.


Data sheet - Labeled (PDF)

Data sheet - None (PDF)




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200 µl, 1.0 ml &  2.0 ml



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