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[FormuMax Scientific] Superior Efficiency, In vitro Transfection Reagent


Trans-Hi™, In vitro DNA Transfection Reagent  



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• Excellent transfection for single DNA transfection or multi DNA co-transfection

• Rapid onset and long-lasting transfection

• Suitable for very long DNAs

• Simple and easy to use transfection procedure

• Robust and reproducible transfection

• High level of recombinant protein production

• Very cost efficient

• Long shelf-life: 12 months




 Product type:

In vitro cell transfection reagent


Plasmid transfection, protein overexpression


Polymer-based DNA nanoparticles  

 Cell type:

Established cell lines, primary cells, hard-to-transfect cells


Adherent cells and suspension cells

 Sample type:

Plasmid DNA

 Serum compatibility:  


 Number of transfections:

Up to 660 in 24-well plates with 1.0mL reagent up to 330 transfections in


6-well plates


12 months or longer when store refrigerated (2-8°C)

 Shipping condition:

Room temperature



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Fig. 1. Comparison study of In vitro plasmid DNA transfection of Trans-HiTM and Lipofectamine® 2000 in

HEK293T cells  with GFP vector using the manufacture recommended reagent/DNA ratio of 3:1 (µL/µg) and

0.5µg DNA per well used for both products in 24 well plate 30 hours post transfection.



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Fig. 2. Study of the transfection efficiency as a function of transfection reagent/DNA ratio indicating optimal

tranfection efficiency achieved at Trans-Hi™/DNA ratio of 3:1 (µL/µg) (HEK293T cells in 24 well plate 30

hours post transfection, 0.5ug DNA per well).



 Cell Lines

 Efficiency (% GFP)


 85 - 90%


 85 - 90%



 NIH 3T3




















Table 1. Broad Transfection Spectrum for Mammalian Cell Types




Trans-Hi™ General Protocol For In Vitro Transfection in Mammalian Cells

Trans-Hi™ Protocol for Transfecting 293 and CHO Suspension Cells

Trans-Hi™ Protocol for Generation of rAAV

Trans-Hi™ Technical Tips For Good In Vitro Transfection



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Trans-Hi™, In vitro Transfection Reagent

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