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[FormuMax Scientific] 소량 dose를 위한 high potency Clodronate liposomes
For intratracheal, intranasal, ICV & intra-tumor injection etc.


Clophosome®, 소량 dose를 위한 high potency Clodronate liposomes



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High potency Clophosome® is created to satisfy the demand for small volume dosing of concentrated

clodronate liposomes through routes that are not amendable for large volume injection, such as intratracheal

or intranasal, ICV, or intra-tumor injection.




  • Product code: F70101C-NH
  • Brand Name: Clophosome®
  • Active: clodronate disodium
  • CAS: 22560-50-5
  • Clodronate disodium: 20 mg/mL


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  • Lipid composition: phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol
  • Bulk solution: phosphate buffered saline (20mM sodium phosphate, 09wt% NaCl), pH 7.0-7.5
  • Shelf-life: 6 months guaranteed for unopened vials




Please note this product has not been fully evaluated for its appropriate dose for any dosing approaches.

Customers are strongly recommended to conduct their own studies to determine the appropriate dose for

their experiments.



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