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[Emfret Analytics] Antibodies for Mouse Platelet Depletion


Antibodies for Mouse Platelet Depletion    

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This antibody preparation contains a mixture of purified rat monoclonal antibodies directed against mouse

GPIb (CD42b). Targeting of this receptor with divalent IgGs results in profound and irreversible Fc-

independent platelet depletion in mice1,2. Platelet depletion is frequently used to study the general role of

platelets in (patho-) physiology3.



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Depletion of mouse platelets by anti-GPIb treatment Wild type mice received 2 or 4 μg/g platelet depletion

antibodies in 200 μl sterile PBS intravenously and platelet counts were determined at the indicated time

points. Results are mean s.d. of 6 mice per group.




1. Bergmeier W, Rackebrandt K, Schroder W, Zirngibl H, Nieswandt B. (2000) Structural and functional

   characterization of the mouse von Willebrand factor receptor GPIb-IX with novel monoclonal antibodies.

   Blood. 95:886-93.

2. Nieswandt B, Bergmeier W, Rackebrandt K, Gessner JE, and Zirngibl H. (2000) Identification of critical

   antigen-specific mechanisms in the development of immune thrombocytopenic purpura in mice. Blood.


3. Elzey BD, Tian J, Jensen RJ et al. (2003) Platelet-mediated modulation of adaptive immunity.

   A communication link between innate and adaptive immune compartments. Immunity.19:9-19.




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