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[Emfret Analytics] Two-color analysis of mouse platelet activation


Antibody set for analysis mouse platelet activation

Two color(PE & FITC) labeled antibodies



마우스 혈소판 활성화를 측정하기 위하여, 마우스 IntegrinαⅡbβ3 (GPⅡb / Ⅲa) (FITC)와 P-selectin (PE)의

항체 세트를 이용하여 각 인자의 발현을 측정합니다.

Wug.E9/Rat(Wistar) IgG1와 JON/A /IgG2b는 별도 구매도 가능합니다.


This product provides a ready -to-use tool to determine integrin αIIbb3 (GPIIb/IIIa) activation and α-granule

secretion (P -selectin expression) in mouse platelets in a single analysis.





Wug.E9 & JON/A


Rat(Wistar) IgG1 & IgG2b




Flow cytometry


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Detection of activated integrin aIIbb3 and P-selectin-expression on mouse platelets

106mouse platelets in 25 μl Tyrode-Hepes buffer (1 mM CaCl2) were left untreated or stimulated with 10 μM

adenosine diphosphate (ADP) or 0.2 U/ml thrombin and directly stained with 10 μl of a mixure of Antibody A

and Antibody B for 15 min. at RT. Samples were filled up with 400 μl PBS and analyzed directly.

Platelets were gated by FSC/SSC characteristics.

Note: ADP is a relatively weak agonist which stimulates (reversible) integrin αIIbb3 activation but virtually no

P-selectin expression. In contrast, thrombin is a very strong platelet agonist which induces strong and

irreversible integrin αIIbb3 activation and P-selectin expression.



Data sheet (PDF)




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Two-color analysis of mouse platelet activation

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