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[Immudex ApS] EBV Dextramer Package 1


Dextramer Packages, EBV Dextramer® Package 1

Detecting EBV-specific immunity


Activation of CD8+ T cells specific for persistent and acute viral infection is central in human anti-viral

immunity. Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a persistent virus that infects 90% of the human population. Primary

infection may cause acute infectious mononucleosis and persistent infection may be associated with the

development of several malignancies. CD8+ T cells play a critical role in controlling both the primary and

persistent phases of infection.



• Accurate quantification of  EBV-specific T cells

• Includes multiple alleles

• Specific, sensitive, reproducible

• Applicable on blood, HPBMC, tissue sections



The EBV Dextramer Package 1 is useful for detection and isolation of EBV-specific CD8+ T cells in a variety

of applications:

• Monitoring EBV immune status in immune-compromised individuals

• Monitoring EBV immune status following transplantation

• Testing of EBV-specific vaccines

• Profiling of EBV-specific T cell responses


The EBV Dextramer Package consists of Dextramer reagents displaying epitopes from immunodominant EBV

antigens. The Package also includes a negative control Dextramer.


 Kit components


 Catalog No.







50 tests




50 tests




50 tests




50 tests


 General / Negative Control


50 tests


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EBV Dextramer® Package 1

50 tests each



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