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[Profoldin] Detergent assay


Detergent assay


The Detergent Assay Kit (Catalog Number DAK1000) is for detection of various detergents at concentrations

below their CMC values for most detergents.  The concentration response is characteristic to a specific

detergent.  The assay is based on the principle that the detergent interacts with dye A43 and enhances the

fluorescence intensity at 535 nm (excitation at 485 nm).

The assay is sensitive to most detergents including dodecyl maltoside but it is not sensitive to alkyl

saccharide detergents with short alkyl chains such as octyl glucoside and nonyl glucoside.  For octyl

glucoside, please use Beta Octyl Glucoside Assay Kit (catalog number: OG100K).  For nonyl glucoside,

please use Beta Nonyl Glucoside Assay Kit (catalog number: NG100K).  The assay kit is not sensitive to low

concentrations of SDS.  For SDS, please use NanoGram SDS Assay Kit (Catalog # SDS200).

The assay is compatible with most buffers and salts. It is not compatible with DTT, phosphate. Molecules

that release phosphate may interfere with the assay.


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The assay kit (Catalog number DAK1000) includes 1 ml of 100 x dye A43, 100 ml of Reagent 1, 0.5 ml of 100 x

Reagent 2. It is for measurement of 1000 samples using 96-well plates. A cuvette may also be used for the

measurement of detergent concentrations.



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