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[G-Biosciences] HOOK™ GST Protein Purification (Yeast)


HOOK™ GST Protein Purification (Yeast)


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HOOK™ GST Protein Spin Purification kit allows for the rapid purification of soluble, GST tagged protein from

yeast cultures. The yeast are first lysed with Yeast PE LB™ and LongLifeTM Zymolyase® to release total

soluble protein, whilst maintaining the structure and activity of the protein. The GST tagged protein is purified

by passing the clarified lysate through prepacked columns.

Yeast-PE LB™ is useful for extraction of soluble proteins from yeast cells. Yeast PE LB™ is a proprietary

improvement on the Zymolyase® based spheroplast preparation and extraction of soluble proteins from

yeast cells. Yeast PE LB™ is based on organic buffering agents that utilize a mild non-ionic detergent and a

proprietary combination of various salts and agents to enhance extraction and stability ofproteins. A ready-

to-use Zymolyase® preparation is also provided.  Depending on application, additional agents such as

protease inhibitors may be added into Yeast PE LB™. The proprietary combination of this reagent provides a

simple and versatile method of yeast protein extraction. Yeast PE LB™ eliminates the need for laborious

glass bead lysis of yeast cells.

HOOK™ GST Protein Spin Purification kit is optimized to yield  up to 10mg of soluble GST tagged protein, with

a purity of 80-90%, dependent on expression levels, resin type, conformation and solubility characteristics of

the protein.

For small scale, rapid GST protein isolation from yeastwe recommend our spin format kits.



• Isolate >10mg GST tagged proteins from yeast

• No sonication required, supplied with lysis buffer and enzyme



• For the isolation of GST tagged recombinant proteins from yeast


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HOOK™ GST Protein Purification Kit (Yeast)

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