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[Immagina Biotechnology] LACEseq for ribosome profiling


LACEseq for ribosome profiling


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LACEseq kit uses IMMAGINA’s proprietary technology for selective sequencing of ribosome footprints

produced by the action of a nuclease generating RNA fragments with a 3’-phosphorylated end.

The kit is designed for a quick and accurate library preparation and sequencing of Ribosome Protected

Fragments (RPFs).

LACEseq is the only all-inclusive solution for ribosome profiling experiments when combined with RiboLace

module 1 for active ribosome isolation and PAGExtTM for optimal RPFs recover.



• Selective sequencing of Ribosome protected fragments (RPFs)

• Reduced rRNA contamination

• Reduced sequencing deep needed for optimal Ribo-seq analysis

• Quick (2-day) high quality library preparation

• The only ALL INCLUSIVE solution when combined with RiboLace and PAGExtTM


LACEseq work flow


         PAGE extracted ribosome protected fragments

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LACEseq was developed to selectively sequence RPFs, for high quality Ribo-seq analysis. The final library

is 220 nt and Illumina adapter and index sequences are incorporated during library amplification.

As illustrated in fig.2, the complete LACEseq workflow comprises six steps: (1)RPF phosphorylation, (2)

adaptor ligation, (3)circularization, (4)Reverse transcription and (5,6)two PCR steps.

Indexing primers are provided with the LACEseq UDIplateTM(cat. number #iUD-12), for unique dual index


Following PCR amplification, purification, and validation, sequencing libraries may require size selection.

Size selection can be performed using PAGExt kit(cat.number #KGE-002) by IMMAGINA.


This product is also available in combined sets

UDI Plates LACEseq

PAGE Gel Extraction kit

RiboLace Module 1 kit


 Cutadapt LACEseq supplemental resource and tips for success (PDF)


 Protocol (PDF)

 Data Sheet (PDF)



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LACEseq for ribosome profiling

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