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[Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.] Minute™ Synaptosome Isolation Kit


Minute™ Synaptosome Isolation Kit


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The ability to isolate synaptosomes from neuronal tissues/cultured cells is essential for understanding the

mechanisms of neurological diseases. Contained in synaptosomes are synaptic vesicles with diameters of

80-200 nm that play an important role in signal transmission. Traditionally, synaptosomes are isolated by

density ultracentrifugation. The procedure is relatively tedious and time-consuming. A larger amountof

starting material is usually required. MinuteTM synaptosome isolation kit provides a simple and rapid method

for isolating synaptosomes from fresh/frozen neuronal tissues/cultured cells. The protocol can be completed

in less than 1 h without using Dounce homogenizer and ultracentrifugation. The amount of starting material

required (10-50 mg tissue) is only a fraction of that required by the traditional method. The buffers used are

detergent-free and synaptosome associated proteins are isolated in native form.


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Fig.1. Isolation of Synaptosomes from Fresh Mouse Cortex.

A, Ponceau S-stained blot. B, Western blot. Lane 1. Total tissue lysate; Lane 2. Cytosolic fraction; Lane 3.

Synaptosome fraction. Synaptosome marker antibodies (GluN2B and Glu A2/A3/A4) are from Cell Signaling.



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Minute™ Synaptosome Isolation Kit

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