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[BroadPharm] MagicLink™ APC Antibody Conjugation Kits


MagicLink™ APC Antibody Conjugation Kits


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Allophycocyanin (APC, 105K) is an intensely bright phycobiliprotein isolated from red algae that exhibits far-

red fluorescence with high quantum yields. It is excited by laser lines at 594, 633 nm, 640nm with an

absorbance maximum at 650 nm and a fluorescence emission peak at 660 nm. APC is chemically

crosslinked to improve its stability for the fluorescent detection, primarily for flow cytometry, microarray

assays, ELISAs, and other applications that require high sensitivitybut not photostability.


MagicLink™ is based on instant reaction between functional groups MAGIC and LINK. By following the easy

protocol provided in the kits, the end users can activate their antibody with MAGIC NHS to get MAGIC-

antibody. It is then instantly to react with LINK pre-activated APC (provided in the kits) to achieve APC-

antibody conjugates.

These kits are specifically formatted and optimized to conjugate 10µg, 50µg, 100µg, and 500µg of antibodies.



• Novelty: 3rd generation protein crosslink technology. NO DTT, TCEP, catalyst, quencher, or ligands


• Yield: conjugation efficiency around 95-100%; no antibody loss.

• Rate: 10 seconds hands on time; real instant reaction; the whole process takes less than 1 hour!

• Linkage Stability: most stable covalent bond conjugates on the market; much better than thiol-maleimide


• Dye Stability: specially engineered to maintain its stability in the process and storage; dye degradation for

  APC and its tandem form will cause the spillover;

• Consistence: good reproducibility from batch to batch.

• Flexible Size: select your own antibody amount size, 10µg, 50µg, 100µg, or 500µg.

• Antibody Selection: any protein/antibody, or antibody fragment

• Purification: not necessary for post-conjugation


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Flow cytometry, fluorescence-based detection, IHC application, western blot, ELISA, microarray assays,

and other applications that require high sensitivity.


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Consists of;

• MAGIC NHS (MW ~900)

• LINK activated PE

• Reaction Buffer

• Storage Buffer


  Instruction sheet (PDF)


Ordering informations;


Catalog No.

Product Name



MagicLink APC Antibody Conjugation Kits

3 x 10 ug


1 x 50 ug


3 x 50 ug


1 x 100 ug


3 x 100 ug


1 x 500 ug


3 x 500 ug



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