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[Smartox Biotechnology] 화학합성의 Sodium Channel Blocker Peptide Toxin(3)
Phrixotoxin-3 (PaurTx3 or Beta-theraphotoxin-Ps1a)
화학 합성의 각종 Sodium Channel Blocker Peptide Toxin (3)
Sodium channel 연구에 유용한 유독 생물 유래의 합성 peptide toxin 입니다. 화학합성 peptide이기 때문에
endotoxin 오염의 걱정이 없습니다.
Phrixotoxin 3 (Paurtx 3)
Selective blocker of Nav1.2
Phrixotoxin-3  (PaurTx3 or Beta-theraphotoxin-Ps1a) is a valuable pharmacological tools to study voltage-gated sodium
channels. This peptide, originally issued from the venom of the tarantula phrixotrichus auratus, has been shown to inhibit Nav1.1, Nav1.2, Nav1.3, Nav1.4 and Nav1.5 with respective IC50 values of 610 nM, 0.6 nM, 42 nM, 288 nM and 72 nM.
It is thus considered as one of the most potent and almost selective modulator of Nav1.2.
AA sequence:
(Disulfide bridges: Cys2-Cys17, Cys9-Cys23, and Cys16-Cys30)
Length (aa):
Molecular Weight:
4059.9 Da
White lyophilized solid
Water or saline buffer
CAS number:
Not available
Purity rate:
> 97 %
1. Bosmans, F. et al (2006) Four Novel Tarantula Toxins as Selective Modulators of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel
   Subtypes. Molecular Pharmacology. PubMed link
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