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[RD BIOTECH] Rabbit polyclonal serum anti-HCP
For ELISA and Western Blotting applications
Rabbit polyclonal serum anti-HCP(Host Cell Protein)
- For ELISA and Western Blotting applications
재조합 단백질을 생산하는 숙주로 자주 이용되는 CHO-K1과 E. coli의 Host Cell Protein(HCP)를 검출하는 항체입니다. HCP는 재조합 단백질에 혼합 숙주 세포 유래의 단백질 독성과 면역 반응에 영향을 줄 수 있기 때문에 혼입을 낮은 수준으로 억제하는 것이 바람직하다고 되어 있습니다.
Anti-HCP 항체(RDB.HCPh)를 이용한 westernblotting 이미지
Lane 1 : 분자량 마커
Lane 2 : HEK 293 세포 lysate (16 μg)
Lane 3 : HEK 293 세포 lysate (32 μg)
Lane 4 : HEK 293 세포 lysate (48 μg)
Product code ;
# RDB-HCPc : Anti-CHO, Host Cell Protein, Rabbit-polyclonal
# RDB-HCPh : Anti-HEK 293, Host Cell Protein, Rabbit-polyclonal
* Fast ELISA IgG quantification kit
각종 동물 세포 culture supernatant나 혈청 등의 시료 중의 IgG을, 특히 therapeutic antibodies나 humanized IgG 분야에서 단지 30분 안에 측정할 수 있는 fast ELISA kit입니다. 또한 각 시약은 고유한 색을 띠고 있어 pipetting error를 줄일 수 있으며(Patent pending), kit에 들어있는 모든 시약은 ready-to-use 상태입니다.
특징 ;
• Follow up of mab production
• Screening of humanized Mab
• Selection of higher producing clones
• Characterization of mouse Ig isotypes
• Wide range of detection (from 4 ng/ml to 1000 or 2000 ng/ml according to the kit).
• Easiness of use: the kits provide precoated plates in divisible barrettes of 8 or 16 wells, all the solutions are ready to use.
• The components are stable for one year when stored at 4°C.
적용분야 ;
• Early detection and quantification of Hu IgG after transient transfection (from 6 to 12h post transfection). You will be able to detect from only 5 to 10 μl of supernatant.
• Rapid screening of high producing cells transformants after stable transfection and/or cloning and antibiotics selection.
• “Online” following of Hu, mouse, rat IgG production from biofermentor, Wave, flask or other systems.
Ready to use & easy to see
Product code ;
[ELISA Kits]
• RDB3257 - Human IgG quantification - 96 tests
• RDB3256 - Mouse IgG quantification - 96 tests
• RDB3255 - Mouse Ig Isotyping - 12 tests
• RDB3258 - Bovine IgG quantification - 96 tests
• RDB3259 - Rat IgG quantification - 96 tests
- Other kits in development
[Ready-to-use reagents]
• AS29 - TMB one component substrate for HRP
• AS32 - HRP stabilizer solution
• AS33 - DAB substrate for HRP (2 components)
• AS34 - BCIP/NBT alkaline phosphatase substrate
• AS40 - Stop solution for ELISA (TMB)
[Ready-to-use coated plates]
• AS50 - Wells are coated and satured according to your needs