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[RiboSolutions] Cyanase Inactivation Resin
Cyanase Inactivation Resin
(미국 국립보건원에 의해 소개된 자료입니다. / Publication date: 26 June 2012)
Cyanase Inactivation resin is a proprietary blend of Cyanase inhibitor protein coupled to Sepharose Fast Flow resin creating a novel method for inactivating and removing the Cyanase enzyme prior to downstream applications. The inhibitor resin will not react with other proteins or targets and the interaction between the resin and Cyanase is extremely tight over all common Cyanase conditions. No more worries about downstream contamination with Benzonase or other nucleases or difficult removal processes which may compromise product integrity. Cyanase Inactivation resin makes the removal simple and easy to follow in as little as 20 minutes.
Product Information: Inactivation resin is fully active under all normal Cyanase reaction conditions. In addition inactivation resin has been tested down to pH 4.8, up to pH 10.0, down to 0°C, and in 500 mM NaCl with no effect on Cyanase removal. Inactivation resin has no affinity for any other proteins or reagents.
Average Particle Size: 90 µm in 50% buffer slurry.
Ordering information ;
1. # 1010 : 1 m 50% slurry
2. # 1020 : 5 ml 50% slurry