Total Protein Extraction Kit for Animal Cultured Cells and Tissues

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MinuteTM total protein extraction kit for animal cultured cells and tissues is the most advanced next-generation tool for super-fast protein extraction without altered protein profile usually associated 

with solution-based procedures. More and more evidence has shown that the most commonly used RIPA buffer can cause unpredictable protein loss, resulting in questionable data interpretation. 

This problem is fully resolved using the patented spin column-based technologies. Coupled with stronger lysis buffers, the spin column makes protein extraction super easy and efficient. The extraction 

volume can be as low as 20 µl – a helpful feature when starting material is a limiting factor. This kit provides denaturing and native cell lysis buffers so users can select according to specific applications. 

Total proteins can be extracted from cultured cells/tissues in 1-8 min with high yield (2-8 mg/ml).

Selected references related to protein loss by RIPA buffer:

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Instruction sheet (PDF)  

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