Actin Binding Protein, Ezrin



Actin Binding Protein, Ezrin

Mediator of cell adhesion and migration.


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Ezrin is probably involved in connecting the cytoskeleton to the plasma membrane. In epithelial cells.

It is required for the formation of microvilli and membrane ruffles on the apical pole.


Actin Binding Protein






Ezrin (Synonyms: villin-2)





human recombinant  (untagged)


Molecular mass





Protein description



Ezrin is probably participating in connecting the cytoskeleton to the plasma

membrane. Like many proteins. Ezrin is autoinhibited by a head-tail interaction.


Actin interaction



The C-ter binds to actin. PlP2 and membrane proteins, e.g. CD44.







Lyophilized, ready-to-use





50 µg






150mM NaCl, 20mM Hepes pH 7.4, 1mM DTT and 5% sucrose, when reconstituted

with 50 µl ultrapure water to obtain a 1.0 mg/ml solution.


Purity & Activity



Purity:>96% by scanning densitometry from Coomassie G-250 stained SDS-Gels.


Purification notes





Ezrin was expressed as a GST-tag fusion protein in E. coli. After purification by

GST-Agarose and subsequent GST-tag cleavage. the pure protein was yielded by

gel filtration chromatography.


Protein conc.



Determined by OD280 (0.1%=0.963).


Storage instructions






Ezrin is stored at -70°C upon arrival will be stable in performance for at least

6 months from the date of purchase. The solubilized protein is kept on ice and

should be stored at -20°C. in glycerol or cryoprotect (Cat.#: 6011-01).

Avoid repeated freeze / thaw cycles.


Shipping conditions



At ambient temperature. Upon delivery store at -70°C.




For Use in Research only. Not for Use in Human or Veterinary Diagnostical or

Therapeutical applications.


Ordering information

Catalog No.

Product Name



Ezrin, Actin Binding Protein

1 x 250 ug



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