ARC(CK2)-Fluo Protein Kinase CK2 assay kit



ARC(CK2)-Fluo Protein Kinase CK2 assay kit

For screening/characterization of inhibitors of the protein kinase CK2 저해물질 탐색에 유용한 kit



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Fig. 1. Workflow



The ARC(CK2)-Fluo590 Protein Kinase Assay Kit is for a homogenous, high-throughput binding/

displacement assay designed for determination of the concentration of active form of the protein kinase and

screening/characterization of inhibitors of protein kinase CK2 (Specifications).

The principle of the assay relies on the competitive displacement of the fluorescent probe [CK2-FLUO590]

from its complex with the protein kinase by the inhibitor (Fig. 2) . CK2-FLUO590 probe possesses high affinity

towards CK2α (KD = 0.4 nM), it is binding with high affinity to both the free CK2α catalytic subunit and CK2

holoenzyme and enables the characterization of both ATP- and substrate competitive inhibitors due to its

unique bisubstrate character (simultaneous association with both binding sites of the protein kinase).






Determination of Kd values for both ATP- and substrate-competitive protein kinase



CK2 inhibitors



CK2 (both the free CK2α catalytic subunit and CK2 holoenzyme)

Detection principle;


Fluorescence anisotropy or polarization



Ex: 540 nm/ Em: 590 nm

Assay setup;


Homogeneous, 1-step, mix & read; 384-well low-volume format

Assay volume;


10 - 25 μl



CK2-FLUO590 probe



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Fig. 2. Principle of ARC(CK2)-Fluo Protein Kinase Assay Kit


The fluorescent probe CK2-FLUO590 probe has low molecular weight (MW < 2000) and possesses low value

of fluorescence anisotropy (polarization) in solution. When CK2-FLUO590 probe binds to the protein kinase

CK2, a high molecular weight complex is formed (MW > 40000) which leads to increase of anisotropy of the

solution. An inhibitory compound competes with CK2-FLUO590 for binding to the kinase and displaces the

probe from the complex resulting in decrease of fluorescence anisotropy.



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Fig. 3. Displacement of the probe CK2-FLUO590 from the complex with CK2α1-335 by

inhibitors or nucleotides ATP and GTP.



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ARC(CK2)-Fluo, Protein Kinase CK2 Assay Kit




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