Proteinase K Assay [Colorimetric]



Proteinase K Assay [Colorimetric]


Proteinase K Assay [Colorimetric] is designed for rapid and reproducible quantification of Proteinase K

activity. Proteinase K Assay [Colorimetric] is based on hydrolysis of denatured hemoglobin by proteinase K

which releases Folin positive amino acids and peptides. The amino acids and peptide react with Folin’s

reagent to give colored product which is measured at absorbance of 578nm.


Proteinase K is widely used in molecular biology for isolation and purification of nucleic acids from various

tissue and cell samples. The proteolytic activity of proteinase K helps in removing nucleases from the

sample, there by protecting DNA and RNA from degradation.


Recently, Proteinase K is widely used in COVID-19 virus diagnostic assays for processing samples such as

saliva, nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs. After proteinase K treatment the samples are heat treated

to inactivate proteinase K as well as inactivate any residual pathogens or viruses left in sample. Proteinase K

assay can help in optimizing sample processing step for the COVID-19 diagnostic assay.



• Rapid and reproducible

• Linear detection range: 5µg/ml- 100µg/ml

• Available in 100 assay tube format, adaptable to microwell assay format.


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• Estimates proteinase K activity in various samples.

• Can be used in optimizing sample processing step for the COVID-19 diagnostic assay.


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Proteinase K Assay [Colorimetric]

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