Non-Polymerizing Actin ATTO 488/550/647



Non-Polymerizing Actin ATTO 488/550/647

modified skeletal muscle α-actin, rabbit


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Actin (α-Actin)



Skeletal muscle alpha actin, rabbit

Molecular mass



Product description















Non-Polymerizing Actin (NP-Actin) is alpha-skeletal muscle actin (42kD, 375 aa),

enzymatically cleaved between Gly42/Val43. As a result of this cleavage an

essential monomer-monomer interaction site is inactivated, rendering the actin

unpolymerizable in the presence of Ca++ and e.g. 100mM KCl, conditions where

normal actin polymerizes. ATTO 488/550/647 conjugated NP-Actin is suitable for

research involving optical techniques to investigate the G-actin state of the protein.

Thus, NP-actin ATTO 488/550/647 is a valuable tool for G-actin-ligand studies in the

presence of Ca++ and KCl. especially since NP-actin remains polymerizable in the

presence of Mg++, with a critical concentration of 3µM (barbed end), which allows

research on the F-actin state.

Actin compatible buffers preserve the structural integrity of non-polymerizing actin,

while its cleavage products (approx. 36kD and 6kD) are only obtained under

denaturing conditions, e.g. SDS-PAGE.




>99% by scanning densitometry.





Lyophilized, ready-to-use.

Quantity per unit


50 µg








2mM Tris-Cl pH 8.2, 0.4mM ATP, 0.5mM DTT, 0.1mM CaCl2, 1mM NaN3 and 0.3%

disaccharides, when reconstituted with 1.0 ml ultrapure water to obtain a 1mg/ml



Related products




For dilution of G-actin or exchange of ligand buffer into actin compatible buffer,

MonoMix (Cat. #.: 5100-0*) may be used. In the absence of nucleators, the

polymerization of G-actin is initiated by PolyMix (Cat.#: 5000-0*).

Purification notes


Purified from rabbit skeletal muscle, GPC.

Protein concentration


Determined by the Biuret method.

Storage instructions




Avoid refreezing. NP-Actin stored at –70°C upon arrival will be stable in performance

for at least 6 months from the date of purchase. Solubilized G-actin is kept on ice

and should be used within 1 week.

Shipping conditions


At ambient temperature. Upon delivery store at -70°C.



Ordering information


Catalog No.

Product Name



Non-Polymerizing Actin ATTO 488

50 µg


Non-Polymerizing Actin ATTO 550

1.0 mg


Non-Polymerizing Actin ATTO 647

1.0 mg



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