FLuoEVs, Purified EVs expressing EGPF (lyophilized)



FLuoEVs, Purified EVs expressing EGPF (lyophilized)

Lyophilized and purified EVs from HEK293 cells, expressing EGFP as fusion protein with CD63-EGFP


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FLouEVs are a next generation of stably-fluorescent small EVs/Exosomes expressing the fluorescent protein

EGFP (green) as fusion protein with the EV membrane marker CD63. Compared to the EVs labelled with

fluorescent membrane dyes, FLouEVs demonstrated and increased stability of the fluorophore and a higher

percentage of the fluorescent particles.





human embryonic kidney (HEK293 cells)

Quantity per vial:


1x10^9 fluorescent particles

Particle size distribution:


50 – 140 nm

Storage of lyophilized exosomes:


Store up to 1 years at 4°C (Expire date indicated on the label).

Storage of reconstituted exosomes:


Stored at -20°C for up to one month or at -80°C for up to 6 months.



Recommended to avoid repeated freeze-and-thraw cycles.



• NTA in fluorescent mode

• Flow cytometry

• Cell spike- in and in vitro tracking

• Fluorescence assay calibration


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FLuoEVs, Purified EVs expressing EGPF (lyophilized)




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