NEW! RiboSeq XL All In One Set



NEW! RiboSeq XL All In One Set

RiboLace All In one XL is taking the stage!


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Immagina Biotechnology, the Ribosome company, released today the RiboSeq All-In-One XL system, a new

cutting-edge tool for challenging ribosome profiling experiments. This new kit is meant to address customer

needs related to lower amount of input of active ribosomes. RiboLace Module XL contains more RiboLace

smart probe and beads as the RiboLace Module 1 so that customer can pull down more active ribosomes

fromthe same sample.



• For a given amount of cells customers can pull down 3x times more RPFs by using a larger amount of cell


• No need for multiple pull downs

• Higher yield of RPFs as input for LACEseq or alternative small RNA library preparation systems.

• Suitable for samples with lower translational activity such as primary cells in culture, smaller amount of

  tissue samples, or cells where translation is partly repressed.


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  Overview of the RiboSeq XL All In One set workflow


Based upon its compelling and established RiboLaceTM technology for capturing ribosomes in active

translation, the RiboSeq All-In-One XL system is an extended version of the well-proven RiboSeq All-In-One

system enabling to capture more active ribosomes from smaller amount of input materials or less active

cells and tissues.


Recent publications have shown that there is a strong demand in the community for low sample input

ribosome profiling experiments that are not compromising the quality and accuracy of RiboSeq data

(see publications here).  


The new RiboSeq All-In-One XL system is a new milestone meeting the demand to perform ribosome

profiling experiments from challenging sample materials by increasing the ability to reliably capture active

ribosomes multiple times.  


 RiboSeq XL All In One set Protocol (PDF)


 Set contents;



 RiboSeq XL All-In-One set 4°C components

1 box


 RiboSeq XL All-In-One set -20°C components

1 box


 RiboSeq XL All-In-One set -80°C components

1 bag


 iUDIs plate

1 plafe


 Filters and Tubes

1 package




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RiboSeq XL All In One set

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