NEW! RiboLace Gel free kit



NEW! RiboLace Gel free kit

RiboSeq Gel free contains all reagents to perform ribosome profiling from cells/tissues to final Next Generation Sequencing library, without the need of RNA size-selection and PAGE-gel extraction steps.  


Ribosome profiling is an essential method to tackle questions on protein synthesis underlying many diseases and to retrieve accurate information on gene expression in clinical and preclinical projects. This method generates a snapshots of which proteins are synthesized by the cells at a certain time, and how they are produced. Traditionally, ribosome profiling experiments are limited by complex wet lab procedures and informatician analysis . 

Immagina Biotechnology makes ribosome profiling as easy as RNAseq. Our RiboLace Gel Free kit is a complete solution for an easy and fast gel-free Ribosome Profiling experiment with a dedicated bioinformatics tool .



  • Most accurate translatome and de-novo proteome data by measuring active translation with our well proven RiboLace technology

  • Precise measurement of disomes to assess the level ribosome collision (ribosomes in disome state) which is estimated to account for up to 10% of translating ribosomes

  • Low amount of input material: down to 300,000 cells in actively translating cell types

  • Unprecedented simple workflow with no gel extractions steps in 3 days from cell lysis to ready-to-go RPF library

  • No hazardous chemicals such as phenol/ chloroform

  • No special equipment required

  • Automatable workflow



  Fig. Workflow for RiboLace Gel-Free kit (blue) and Martian pipeline (yellow)


Set contents :

  • All components for 12 reactions/ samples

  • RiboLace Gelfree module

  • LACEseq RPF library preparation

  • iUDI plate

  • controls

  • suitable for all eukaryotic cell lines and tissues


Analytics :

  • Ribosome profiling & translatome analysis

  • Translation efficiency

  • Alternative translation initiation site

  • Translation frameshifts and stop codon readthrough

  • Codon usage & periodicity

  • Non canonical translation events

  • Discovery and characterization of cryptic ORFs in lncRNAs

  • Analysis of disomes and trisomes (depending on sequencing parameters


Applications: (examples) :

  • Basic and clinical research

    • Regulation of translation & ribosome function

    • Aberrant protein translation

    • Analysis of ncRNAs and non-canonical translation

    • Study of changes in translation in relevant disease pathologies

    • Cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, inherited diseases, infectious diseases, cardiovascular etc.

    • Ribosome diversity


  • Drug discovery

    • mRNA vaccine development

    • RNA therapeutics

    • Ribosome targeted therapies

    • Immunopeptidomics and neoantigen discovery

    • Antiviral therapies


  • Biomarker discovery

  • Cell line development

  • Biologics development and manufacturing


 RiboLace gel free data sheet (PDF)   

 RiboLace gel free protocol (PDF)


 Set contents;


 RiboSeq Gel Free 4°C components

1 box

 RiboSeq Gel Free -20°C components

1 box

 RiboSeq Gel Free -80°C components

1 bag

 iUDIs plate

1 box


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RiboLace Gel Free kit

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