N1-Acetyl-Spermidine ELISA kit


N1-Acetyl-Spermidine ELISA kit


Polyamines are molecules derived from ornithine (Orn) (i.e., putrescine, spermine, spermidine) or arginine (Arg) (i.e., agmatine).  While ornithine decarboxylase is responsible for ornithine degradation and spermidine production, cSAT and nSAT transform spermidine to N1-acetylspermidine (N1-AcSpdn). These molecules are involved in many critical processes such as cell proliferation, nucleic acid synthesis, and cytoprotection from oxidative stress1. Several studies have evidenced that polyamine metabolism is frequently increased in cancer2 which can fuel tumor progression3 and favor immune escape4. Elevated levels of polyamines in sera of cancer patients have been demonstrated to correlate with poor prognosis. 


Cross-validation of N1-Acetyl-Spermidine ELISA and LC/MS data in human plasma samples

N1-AcSpdn was quantified in human plasma samples from healthy subjects using IS-I-2400R ELISA kit or by LC/MS. Correlation study showed R2=0.9753, thereby confirming the accuracy of the immunoassay. 




96-well plate


Plasma, Cell culture supernatant

Minimal sample volume;

50  µl


React with all species

Standard range;

8 – 312.5µM  





No significant cross-reactivity was observed with N8-Acetyl-Spermidine, Spermidine, Spermine, Ornithine & Putrescine

Assay time;

Sample preparation 3h and ELISA overnight


Store at 2 ~ 8°C for to 6 months.


Typical standard curve of N1-Acetyl-Spermidine ELISA

Typical standard curve obtained with the N1-AcSpdn ELISA kit. In this competitive enzyme immunoassay, optical density is inversely correlated with N1-AcSpdn levels within a linear range of 8 – 312.5nM. (example data - do not use for calculation)


Instruction sheet  (PDF)


Pegg A., Functions of Polyamines in Mammals, J Biol Chem, 2016  

Handa et al., Polyamines: Bio-Molecules with Diverse Functions in Plant and Human Health and Disease, Front Chem, 2018 

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N1-Acetyl-Spermidine ELISA kit

96 wells plate


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